06 What is UX and UI and what’s the difference?

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Welcome to the “Project Hack: Eh?” series, where we demystify the language of IT for non-technical leaders. This week, we’re simplifying UX/UI.

Watching the video below, you will learn two things:

  1. The difference between UX and UI
  2. What Oscar-winning acting looks like

Embarking on the journey to lead a software project without a technical background can feel like navigating a labyrinth filled with perplexing technical jargon. From the intricacies of Salesforce and HubSpot to the customisation of bespoke software, the challenge lies in translating complex tech speak into plain English.

With a simple quiz on tech terminology, you’re well on your way to mastering the language of technology. Start your adventure with us.

In this series, you’ll be guided by Nathan Green, the co-founder of Redox Software.

Connect with Nathan on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/nathanmgreen to explore how Redox can develop digital products to match your unique processes and drive competitive advantage.

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